Nice to meet you!

Hello! My name's Zhenya and I want to tell few words about myself here. 

I'm an artist and an illustrator from Moscow, Russia.  I have no higher education in Art but painting has always been my favorite occupation.

I love illustration and usually draw with gouache or Photoshop but painting is something special for me. It's a source of joy, doubts and inspiration, it's like a therapy for me. So I feel myself more an artist than an illustrator. 

I paint with acrylic on canvas and love the beauty and persuasiveness of simple forms. But work with colours, their combinations and potential give me a special joy.

You can check my works in PORTFOLIO section. I'm open for any offers, don't hesitate to contact me!


Besides painting I love to cycle around the city or countryside, cook, travel and photograph. For more personal info check my instagram. 


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